Suspense drama 'The Long Night' tops Chack's weekly popularity ranking -
Actor Liao Fen in
The Long Night. [Photo/Mtime]

Critically acclaimed suspense drama The Long Nightis currently the most popular Chinese-language TV series on review platform Douban.

Hitting online streaming platform iQiyi on Sept 16, the show topped Douban's weekly popularity ranking for Chinese-language TV series, according to the latest ranking results.

It is the fifth suspense drama in iQiyi's popular suspense series Light On, also known as Mist Theater, which includes the thriller hit The Bad Kids.

The Long Night tells the story of a prosecutor who spends seven years searching for the truth in a perplexing murder case.

The show features a multi-character narrative structure comprised of three timelines, and the audience needs to piece together clues to understand the story's logic.

It currently boasts a rating of 9.2 points out of 10 on Douban based on more than 160,000 reviews.

The Bad Kids soon became an internet sensation following its release in June, with a Douban rating of 8.9 points. It revolves around a math teacher who hatches an elaborate murder plot to kill the parents of his unfaithful wife after she demands a divorce. However, his actions are recorded by three children playing nearby.

Suspense drama 'The Long Night' tops Chack's weekly popularity ranking -
A scene from
The Long Night. [Photo/Mtime]