Art show takes glimpse into future –

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The unknown city by Chen Yu and Xie Yufan. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Featuring groups of artists and designers, a show held at Hongkun Museum of Fine Art in Beijing tries to explore the connection between nature and manmade objects.

The exhibition, titled Breeze and the Manmade, displays installations, paintings drawn by machines, videos and virtual reality works to discuss the relationship between objects existing in nature and those created by human beings.

Artist Zhang Ying's work Heart Charkrauses a fan to transform heartbeats into a breeze. Chen Yu and Xie Yufan's work The Unknown Cityis inspired by science fiction writer Wu Yan's story, trying to show things in a future city described by the writer.

Zhang Hua's paintings
Drawn by Machine. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The artist group We Human On Mars uses games to explore the possibility of migration to Mars. Zhang Hua's Drawing With the Windemploys a machine to detect wind speed and direction, transforming the data collected into paintings drawn by a robotic arm.

"It's a very futuristic show," said curator Li Beike, adding visitors can interact with some works on display to experience a future world created by artists and designers.

The show opened on Sept 19 and will run through Dec 20.

Wang Wenting's installation work. [Photo provided to China Daily]