Jinghai district helps an impoverished county in Gansu Province get rid of poverty –

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Jinghai district helps an impoverished county in Gansu Province get rid of poverty -
New conference by Jinghai district on Spet 18.[Photo provided to exploringtianjin.com]

Jinghai district of Tianjin has successfully helped Zhenyuan County of Northwest China's Gansu province to alleviate poverty through strong support in funds, talents, and industrial cooperation.

Zhenyuan County was one of the 52 counties across China still retaining the poverty label. The State Council had urged accelerated efforts to lift these impoverished counties out of poverty.

China is in the final push of eradicating poverty as the nation enters the home stretch in realizing its first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020.

In 2020, Jinghai district leaders visited Zhenyuan County seven times, providing help and guidance on poverty alleviation. Up to now, the district has offered the county financial assistance funds of 54.16 million yuan($8 million) and social mobilization funds of 16.82 million yuan.

During the period of COVID-19 prevention and control, the Jinghai districtgovernment shared experience and practices in epidemic prevention and control with Zhenyuan County, providing it with 1.8 million yuan, 14,000 masks, and more than 10 tons of disinfectant. It also invested in establishing a medical mask company, the only one in the eastern region of Gansu Province.

In addition, Jinghai worked with Zhenyuan County to develop a livestock breeding industry, including raising black goats, planting forage, and meat rabbit breeding. The district also helped the county sell its high-quality agricultural products in Tianjin markets through various marketing channels.

As Zhenyuan County has a long history of planting Chinese medicinal materials, it boasts advantages in the health industry. A Traditional Chinese Medicine university, a hospital, and a Chinese medicine production factory, are cooperating with the county in Chinese medicine industry development.

So far, Jinghai's 113 Party and government cadres and professional and technical workers in medical care, education, agriculture and forestry, commerce, water affairs, and cultural tourism have worked with local people in Zhenyuan County, providing support and assistance to boost its progress and development in various fields.

As many as 360 officials, talented people, and farmers from the county have been to Jinghai for training, through which they have greatly improved their work skills.

Jinghai district also held job fairs to provide employment for people in Zhenyuan County seeking jobs in Tianjin. More than 400 migrant workers have found jobs in Tianjin since the outbreak of the COVID-19. A long-term cooperation mechanism for paired assistance was also established between the district and the country, with the district's townships, villages, social organizations, schools, and hospitals involved.