Tianjin to hold harvest festival –

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The third China farmer's harvest festival will be held in Tianjin on September 22, 2020, a year earmarked by China for the achievement of its goals of ending poverty and building a well-off society.

During the event, 98 celebration activities with local features will be offered across the city, including agricultural product fairs, fruit-picking, sight-seeing, folk art performances, countryside concerts, and art exhibitions.

Additionally, the city government will host free medical consultations for rural residents, performance tours, sports events, and free health checks. A special program - Campus Labor Day - will engage primary school and middle school students.

The opening ceremony will be held in Baodi District on the morning of September 22.At the opening ceremony, a modern agricultural exhibition will show off agricultural products such as rice, organic fruit and vegetables, and rice-field crab by the Tianjin Food Group, the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and selective agricultural programs.

The food gala will offer more than 20 delicacies from Tianjin and its partner areas including Xinjiang and Gansu. Live-streaming shopping sessions will be hosted alongside the opening ceremony, providing an extra online channel for more to join.

Interactive activities will be made available. In Baodi District, visitors will have a chance to take part in interactive entertainment activities, such as fishing and crab-catching in rice fields, which enables them to get a first-hand experience of the joy of harvesting.